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Top Quality Creative Design & Function

An Advanced Range of Innovative Solutions for Hotels, Commercial & Residential  Properties

For Extra Natural Daylight and Weather Protection

For Controlled Environment using Light & Shade

  • Curtain Walls – Frameless glass folding facade
  • Doors & Shopfronts
  • Fixed or Retractable Roofs
  • Pyramids – Polygon Skylights
  • Glass Walkways & Floors
  • Decking
  • Balcony Railings
  • Staircases
  • Hand rails
  • Partitions & Walls
  • Prefabricated composit panels

We are a company of design, manufacture and installation specialists. Our fixtures and fittings are custom made to meet your specifications. Each project is individually designed and fitted to your needs. From concept to reality we offer elegant and functional solutions with quick and efficient assembly on site. Our gleaming glass and steel designs combine architecture and landscape with energy efficiency making best use of natural light. New buildings are enhanced by sleek and multifaceted forms with environmental awareness. Existing buildings are expanded enhanced and renovated with modern and intelligent adaptations or extensions, adding space light and value. We offer new solutions for a historic city, seamlessly enhancing our heritage with modern developments and cutting edge design. We offer luxurious, elegant solutions for both exterior and interior functional decor. Our teams of young and experienced dynamic technicians are at your service to offer advice on economy and safety, to answer any questions.

All STEN systems are guaranteed and we offer a full after sales service.

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HEADQUARTERS: PERIVOLIA, THERISOS HANION, HELLAS TEL.: +30 2821074990 , +30 2821074790, FAX: +30 2821074995, CELL: +30 69458465622 INFO@STEN.GR